Firewind at Moho Live

15 Sep

Metal music has never necessarily been my cup of tea.  And I could tell you what I know about power metal and speed metal in under ten seconds. That’s being generous. But on Saturday night I took in Greek metal band Firewind.

Supported by Swedish metal band Wolf it was quite a comparison to my Saturday afternoon which was spent suffocating at Turf Moor as Burnley put in an insipid performance. Anyway back to the music.

I’m not going to claim to be a music critique. Because I’m not. Honestly. However the show Firewind put on was full of energy, some brilliant guitar solos and quite frankly was more tuneful than what I expected from a metal gig. Sorry.

Lacking their lead singer Apollo, the disappointment from the fans didn’t last long. Mainly because of the excellent Gus G, the only founding member of the band. He is also Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist. All I can really say is he knew how to play the guitar. 

There was less headbanging and rocking out than anticipated, though when the big songs came out you did know about it. I didn’t speak to anyone there who didn’t have a good time, and I can’t imagine many people left disappointed.

For me it was an experience. A good one. I am certainly not going to turn into a metal head, or download Firewind’s back catalogue but in the future if someone invites me along to a metal gig I will be approaching the situation with new found optimism. 

Check out the interview with Bob Katsionis from the band here:

The rest of the video’s from the night can be found here: 


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